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Tree Support Systems

Tree Support Systems

Professional Tree Works is a preservation minded tree service provided that is committed to helping valued trees stay healthy and structurally stable.

While most trees tend to be sufficiently stable without any assistance, some trees with defects and injuries can cause a tree to be prone to breakage.

As a tree matures, large limbs can become prone to storm, wind, and heavy ice/snow loads. Trained arborists at Professional Tree Works can quickly identify weak limbs, find attachment points, and provide bracing and cable systems to support the tree's weakest point/s.

If you see cracks or evidence of stress to your trees, call Professional Tree Works to protect your property and to insure the life of your trees.

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As a leading tree service provider, Professional Tree Works offers quality tree services to the Bergen County area.

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  • I.S.A Certified Arborist # NJ-0899AT
  • NJ Contractor Registration # 13VH02422600
  • Member of ISA - International Society of Agricultural
  • Member of TCIA - Tree Care Industry Association